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Welcome witchy!



If you follow me on Instagram you know that i have a slight obsession with essential oils + plant medicine, so i decided to create my own little tribe of like minded lovers.


The Wellness Witches is my Young Living Essential Oils business. I wanted a place to connect with others that live with a similar philosophy to life as i did and share our love of all things plants, low-tox living & magic.

Have a little read about how & why i fell in love with essential oils x


I have a very simple reason for introducing plant medicine as essential oils into my offerings.


They saved my life.


I’m not being dramatic or over-the-top when i say this. In 2015 i had a massive detox reaction and became chronically ill with mould induced biotoxin illness. The Young Living essential oil THIEVES became a life saver for me with its properties that kill mould. I used it topically & nutritionally, along with guidance from my naturopath & integrative GP, to heal. 


Couple this period with a massive spiritual awakening & the oils became a daily (sometime hourly) part of helping my mental, spiritual & emotional health. This is because essential oils have a unique ability to bypass the conscious brain and directly affect the limbic system. This is the area that controls emotions & hormones. Influence this area + you get a more ‘stable’ hormone output thus either calming or energising the body. 


The caveat to this being successful is the bio-availability of the oils. Young Living is the only company in the world that meet all 20 accreditation standards AND, the big seller for this little frequency nerd, they marry the MGhz of the oil back to the original plant. This is HUGE, because if you understand frequency and plants you know that that is the whole point of plant medicine….their incredible vibrational coding. They are also the only company accredited with the therapeutic goods association in Australia.


Now first let me address that i don’t believe EO’s are the ‘answer to all’ but even with my background in nutritional medicine & exercise science, they have become a major player in my everyday routine with my husband, 4 children & animals. Everything from treating dog bites, illness, warts, hormones & immune system issues to my favourite way, in ritual & ceremony and to enhance my connection to the Divine.


I also love that anyone can use them! Ive spent my whole life learning & training in health & wellness and i dont believe we should have to do that in order to learn how nature is our biggest healer - she holds all the locks & all the keys - so please reach out if you would like to learn more about these incredible therapeutic & luxurious gifts from Mama Nature  + join my coven of Wellness Witches x

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