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Lexy you have awakened something i me! I am such an advocate for listening to & being connected with your body, but the switch had been turned off in relation to eating. I can now literally feel what foods (& how much!) are aligned with my body, mostly after eating, but can feel it sharpening when making food choices beforehand too & the coolest thing is, its different every couple of days. I feel like the subtle 'eat everything on your plate' voice in my head has been silenced, plus so many others & a number of other subconscious belief systems about eating, body weight & self love have all been beautifully removed & transmuted thanks to our session. You worked your wise ancient, witchy, magic, combined with your knowledge, with me and i feel SO much better & its only been a couple of weeks AND i've only been slowly transitioning into this new way of eating AND its only just the start of the journey. Thank you beautiful lady!

Anita Katherine @themidwitch

Its funny how the universe works, as for a while I had been looking to deepen my connection with my body and take my relationship with food to the next level. I had been searching for a nutritionist to work with but I never came across anyone that I truly connected with or who I thought would have an approach that would align with me. As I am someone who has had a past with eating disorders, extreme dieting and obsessive behaviours when it came to food I was very cautious and a little fearful of who I would trust with guiding me on this journey

Thats until Lexy popped up in a messages one day and I just knew that she was exactly who I had been waiting for.


Lexy isn't your "average" nutritionist, in fact she is SO much more then that, thats why I love  her. 

With a deep understanding that everyone is completely unique meaning that the way they eat needs to be tailored to compliment this. 

She doesn't just focus on food but an individualised approach to your health from your astrology, menstrual cycle, mental/emotional health, physical health, hormones, past experiences, your subconscious patterns and everything else in between.


Lexy's view on food is, light, positive, uplifting and simple which is very refreshing in a world where the diet culture is very misleading and overwhelming. She was able to shift my perspective and view on food to match this and my energy around food has once again changed and my relationship to food taken to a beautiful new level. Food to me is now pleasurable, nourishing, joyful and exciting. I love eating again and Im no longer scared. 


Words can't even describe how knowledgable and wise Lexy is and the best part is she allows you to go within and pull out the answers you need, she has away of helping you rebuild the trust with yourself and your body.


From the very first session with Lexy I felt extremely comfortable and at ease in her presence, l knew that she generally cared about my health and wasn't going to just send me off on another "diet". Lexy is extremely supportive and nurturing but will also give you the tough love if you need it which I think is super important. 


Lexy I am just so grateful for everything you have helped me with, your the best, I cant wait to continue on this journey and I love you X 

Whitney Geoghegan @whitney.geoghegan

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