When I decided i was finally brave enough to write about magick it occurred to me that so many of us have lost our belief in it. Did we no longer believe in magick?! How could i possibly remind women of the innate magick (also called wisdom, soul, intuition, psychic ability) that lies within them after 100’s and 100’s of years of suppression that pushes robotic autonomy on us. For reasons that are varied and many, women have spend the last 500 years being told ‘who to be’ & ‘how to be’.

We were considered dangerous. (And rightly fucking so).

Why? Because women have an innate force that connects like a lock and key to the heart beat of mother nature. An intuition like that of a crystal ball and a powerful, fearless, nurturing presence that keeps the hum of life continuing throughout time. We are quite literally responsible for populating and nurturing that population over and over and over again. On this planet. Forever.

But take away our magick, our power that allows us to do this easily, fluidly and in alignment with who we are at a soul level & life begins to feel chaotic. Anxiety, depression, discontenment & disease and more prominently disease of our reproductive systems becomes rife. When the feminine is out of balance, when power is solely driven by economics, patriachy and systems that dont support soul lead living (in everything from medicine, to nutrition, education & vocation) the feminine and its magick become stifled and stagnant.

Look around, its most definitely time for a change. And i whole heartedly believe that change comes from women reclaiming their magick.

I define womens magick just as it was defined by those who tried to take it away from us;

  • Those skilled in herbal and plant medicine

  • Those who help women ease through birth

  • Hypnotists, Conduits, Naturopaths, Astrologers, Shamans, Wise Women, Psychics and Healers

  • Those attuned to animals or skilled in energy work

  • Those who use the moon to track and align menstrual cycles

  • Those who intuitively know the secret meanings of symbols and numbers

  • If you use nature to help you heal

  • If you almost obsessively attuned to the oceans or mountains

  • If music, singing, writing or creating heals you

ALL of this is my definition of MAGICK. The subtle gifts that aren’t always revered by as the ‘norm’ in society. The gifts that you carry deep inside are the same gifts i uncover in women to help them heal. We are simply learning to become whole again & your magick is your medicine.

Its not scary or anti religious, nor dangerous. But it is POWERFUL & SO FUN! Oh yes, dont negate the power of play in magick…play is the fastest way to purpose.

Take some time out to plant a herb garden, play with crystals & oracle cards, bathe in the full moon or create spells, medicines, potions, essential oils, recipes or art. All of this is PLAYTIME ALCHEMY. All of this is MAGICK.

Lexy x

© 2019 Alexis Maturana

Wollongong, NSW