'"The future of medicine is sound" - Edgar Cayce

These are the sessions where you both deep dive into allllll the things. Lexy uses her natural gift as a Vocal Alchemist to help shift the densities trapped within the energy body, preventing you from healing. These sounds + vibrations are channeled through based on what is happening with your chakra system + energy body, as she rewires your frequency using the potent gift of sound. These are truly magical sessions with magical results.

















With her background in science combined with her gifts in channeling, Lexy's moon medicine sessions include some of the most profound information in the world when it comes to understanding your cyclic nature + its connection with the lunar cycles. 

As she channels directly with the Venusians - the creators of the womb - she has the ability to hone in and focus on the specific issues that may be preventing you from connecting to your sacred feminine, intuition + higher self and a vibrant + healthy body.