My purpose is to navigate both the spiritual & physical body and the energies & environment that affect them.

The modalities i use address both of these parts of the body, hence why i combine nutrition, herbal medicine & medicinal astrology.

Please feel free to contact me for a 15 minute phone chat to see if we're the right fit for each other.

All sessions are conducted either in person or via Skype.


I am yet to meet a woman who hasn't felt a deep sense of validation after one session of Moon Medicine. Its usually someone who has said ‘I have being staring/fascinated/emotional at the full moon my whole life’.

Grandmother Moon governs the waters & sacred secretions of the feminine body just as it does the tides of the ocean. Its magnetic pull has a powerful effect on us and those who are moon sensitive. Learn where the moon is in your natural chart, how where you bleed will affect your food choices, how to heal your female ancestral image by understanding where the moon is, how to work with the moon and your own cycle for powerful manifestation practices, create rituals that are specific for you.



Mystics believe that the ancient Venusians governed by the discipline work with the vibration of the heart chakra helped design the female body, and created the womb as the primary stargate portal for the feminine to access all needed information to live in harmony whilst on earth I. I firmly believe this to be true.

The power of the womb may be the most hidden secret to women's physical and spiritual health of the last Millennium. These sessions will help you understand what your period is telling you about your hormones, gut health, toxic load , stress , sleep disturbances , spirituality , trauma that needs addressing and anything you're harbouring energetically. Also how to tap into your deep intuitive abilities. Your period holds a language that speaks as the conduit between you and the cosmos. By uncovering the secret language of your bleed in these sessions, I will get you actually looking forward to your period. No seriously. I promise.



Astrology and Human Design, in my opinion, are the most underutilised modalities in traditional medicine, particularly nutrition and herbal medicine. This stems from understanding everything on the planet is part energy part density & when we can determine the frequency of which cell, organ or body part resonates at, we have an opportunity to mirror this vibration and thus heal it. Like attracts like. Astrology and Human Design help to determine this by using non-invasive, ancient healing modalities that have been used for centuries. By using your natal chart I have a clear understanding of which foods, eating style, digestive process are best suited to your best self. Combine this with my many years of exercise science & nutritional medicine, and working out what are the most healing & energising foods for you is a cosmic breeze!


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