MOON MEDICINE - $222 or 3 sessions for $555 when paid in full.

With her background in science combined with her gifts in channeling, Lexy's moon medicine sessions include some of the most profound information in the world when it comes to understanding your cyclic nature + its connection with the lunar cycles. 

As she channels directly with the Venusians - the creators of the womb - she has the ability to hone in and focus on the specific issues that may be preventing you from connecting to your sacred feminine, intuition + higher self and a vibrant + healthy body.

Sessions can cover a range of areas however we often recommend 3 sessions to fully explore:


The Seasons of Our Cycle

How to Live Cyclically to Restore Your Energy + Energy body

Nutrition + Movement +  Supplementing For YOUR Cycle  (This is not generic information + must be tailored to each individual)

How to Interprate the Luna Phases and How They Correlate To Your Physical Body

Essential Oils + Plant Medicine For The Cycles

Vocal Alchemy To Recaliberate The Energy Body





The most common saying Lexy hears from her clients is 'I dont know why i need to see you but I do' and its her favourite thing to hear because she knows its womens intuition leading like-minded souls together!

These are the sessions where you both deep dive into all things health, nutrition, ascension, spirit, soul + elemental practices + much much more. She draws on many different modalities yet always includes the beautiful energetic healing modality of channeled vocal alchemy to help you recalibrate your energy body. These sessions get wild as she takes you through the purpose of ascension, why your feeling what your feeling during these times + how to best honour your mind, body + soul for deep deep connection to self.

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Wollongong, NSW