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Frequency Specific Breathwork combines the power of the breath with the power of colour + sound.

This style of breathwork is both unique and powerful and not just limited to those wanting 'inner spiritual experiences' (although those are very common). Whilst the spiritual community is of course begining to understand the power of breath, the military, special forces and elite athletes have been using breathwork for decades. 

This is not just some woo-woo practice. 

This is frequency medicine, whereby we are raising the bodys overall frequency back into perfect health of 62mHz.

Many traditional styles of breathwork don't encourage sound during breathwork as it is seen as a 'distraction' to the process, which simply couldnt be further from the truth.

The truth is, we are a combination of energy and density in form, with every cell of our being having a receptor for sound/vibration.

With the unique training Lexy has received in breathwork and her own gifts of vocal alchemy (whereby she witnesses the colours that need restoring within you + channels that colour into songs + frequencies), she combines the power of both of these incredible vibrational tools. This raises the frequency of the body with the breath + harnesses the power of sound to help recalibrate you energetically (these sounds are aligned specifically with each chakra point in the body) as it sheds the densities stuck within you.

This type of 'release + recalibration' can create profound physical, mental + spiritual healing and bring you back to Self.



Lexy's current offerings include;


one-on-one breathwork sessions both in-person and online.

please note that all on-line sessions require a phone consult prior to booking to ensure on-line breathwork is suitable for you.


group breathwork sessions are held out of OneHeart Creative Space, located in Coffs Harbour.

6/13 Industrial Dr, Boambee Valley.

group sessions are limited to 10 persons in order to keep a safe + intimate space, so bookings are essential 


You can book directly below.

much love x


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