Lexy is a registered integrated nutritionist + spiritual wellness guide.


With almost 20 years in the health + wellness industry, she has a deep love for all things female health, the ocean + the earth.


For the past decade her focus has been the Infradian Rhythm (the menstrual cycle) + its impact on both physical + spiritual health in women.


She believes the lack of knowledge around our cyclic nature is the root cause to many of the hormone & mental health issues plaguing modern women.

By losing this deep & very important understanding of this rhythm, we have lost connection to our incredible bodies, our gut health, our emotional health & our spiritual centre – the intuition. And she’s here to help you get it back.


She believes that nutrition should contain two elements – NOURISHMENT + PLEASURE, and absolutely doesn’t need to be overwhelming or rooted in ‘fad’ diets. She uses the latest science in nutritional medicine + plant medicine combined with a dash of esoteric science, for holistic healing.


A 4th generation witch (by definition – a woman in her power that encompasses many of the earths properties to help others heal), her purpose here is to teach women about their cyclic nature, how food impacts this nature & how, with a wee bit of help from her, they can heal themselves. She hopes this knowledge will then be passed down to our little women, in order to keep women blissfully content & nourished.


When she’s not in her office she’s either chasing around her 4 children on her broomstick or grabbing brunch with her husband ;)

The Credibility Stuff:

Adv. Dip. Exercise Science

Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine

Adv. Dip of Naturopathic Practice (c. 2nd year)

Diploma of Medical Astrology

Practitioner of Colour Therapy

Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Wollongong, NSW