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Welcome beautiful!

Lexy is a Menstrual Medicine Maven, Sound Alchemist + Breathworker. She has a background in Nutritional Medicine, Exercise Science, Hypnosis + Neural Therapies.

Her primary focus is healing through the medicine of Frequency Specific Breathwork. This is an ancient and extremely powerful breathwork practice that combines colour, sound + breath to assist the body in releasing trapped emotions, recalibration of the nervous system, cellular + ancestral healing and accessing higher states of consciousness.

She fills in the gaps between where people are + where they want to be, spiritually + physically, guiding them with ancient wisdom into the new paradigm currently emerging on Earth.


 You can read how she got here below xx 

From a young age Lexy was well aware how 'different' she was to others, however, just like most who came here with unique gifts, she hid them away & 'towed the line'. 

As a classical trained singer + dancer, these two areas weren't encouraged as a career and she turned to her second love - holistic health. She studied exercise science, nutritional medicine, hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour, + yet always kept her creative + 'woo-woo' interests on the side. These included astrology, oracle reading, various forms of yoga + meditation + human design. She never shared with anyone about her ability to read future events or prophetic dreams.

But by the time her 4th child was born Lexy knew there was a deep disconnection happening between her life + her purpose, her body + her spirit. 5 months after that birth, overnight, she succumbed to a chronic illness (biotoxin illness) + her world was turned upside down. It was divine intervention at its best.

Whilst she had the knowledge and support to heal her physical body there were still many physical + mental symptoms plaguing her, so she turned back to her esoteric practices using meditation, moon + womb work, witch work + essential oils. Daily meditation became a wondrous event as she began to hear her higher self, receive visions of the future + memories of past lives. She would also receive songs from her guides + direct messages from higher beings.

As her spirit began to awaken + remember, she began to truly heal.

After finding a trusted mentor + deep diving into the world of quantum physics, energy healing + breathwork, her channeling + own psychic development began to increase. Then one evening in her mentor group as she channeled songs + sounds, she was guided to work on her mentor. The sounds + frequencies that came though that evening healed a condition the woman had suffered with for 2 years instantly.


She had found her 'magic'. And her magic was in her song.

She walked away from standard nutrition + threw herself into the world of energy healing, vocal alchemy, breathwork + menstrual medicine. She was contacted by the Venusian Council of Light as well as Mary Magdalene where she was reinitiated back into the Order of Magdalena. She continues to offer herself to the divine will of service here on the Earth plane.


With her background in wellness and her unique gifts Lexy now helps women get back in the flow of their true divine nature, unlocking their own 'magic', which is the key to true physical, spiritual & emotional wellness. 

She spends her free time with her husband James,  4 beautiful children + 3 dogs, preferably by the ocean or river.


- The 'O Breath' Frequency BreathWork Training

Introduction to Frequency Breathwork

Level 1

Level 2

- Rebirthing Level 1

-Buyteko Breathing Level 1

Advanced Diploma in Exercise Science

Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine (c)

Dip. of Natural Plant Therapies (c) 

Dip. of Medical Astrology

Master Practitioner of NLP

Practitioner of Timeline Therapy

Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

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