Hey there beautiful human!


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Lexy & I am The Wellness Witch.


With a back ground in Exercise Science, Nutritional Medicine, Astrology & Energy Healing, I combine robust science & ancient wisdom to help people heal. 


For the past 15 years, whilst juggling mama & wife duties, I have used this time to study many modalities from eastern & western cultures, holistic beliefs & healing techniques. These learnings have all moulded into the very unique wisdom that, through my own experiences, allow me the opportunity to access this knowledge in my own clinic to help you...my tribe.

My Intuitive Eating Method is built on the fact that the body knows exactly what foods & environment are best for its healing & nourishment. However, if our internal environment (gut health) has been damaged or compromised or we simply have created layers & distractions that have allowed our internal signalling system (mind, soul, intuition) to disconnect from our body, we no longer have access to this inner knowing. 


My intention is to teach you how to repair this signal (both physically & emotionally) and remind you how simple good nutrition can be.

If you would like a little insight into my own journey, have a little read below x




I have some pretty pieces of paper that say I’ve studied Exercise Science and Nutritional Medicine. I have a cute Latino husband and 4 gorgeous babies that aren’t babies anymore. I sound like I know my stuff and have my shit together right?


Well I do now. Sometimes ha.


I spent a very large chunk of my life working very hard to fit a round peg (me) into square hole (society) and said ‘shit’, did not come together, in fact it fell apart. Spectacularly.

Because…..i was completely out of synch with who I was & what I was here for. Oh and it was missing a not so small, key female ingredient that has been missing now for generations. I call it Magic. And it became my medicine.


See the funny thing is in todays society there is an information overload – everything is meant to be logical and linear. We’ve been taught to learn more, study more and fill our brain, which has left us drastically disconnected from our bodies and our souls looking for nourishment. And it’s my belief that we don’t need more amounts of knowledge but more wisdom.


Oodles of it, and preferably of the ancient kind.

However, wisdom usually comes from having those experience that bring you to your knees begging the universe to show us the way.


(Spoiler alert; “the way” has been in you the whole time but we’ve been super distracted by the powers-that-be for reasons that are generally driven by economics.)


So back to me. In 2015, almost overnight I became chronically ill. This was my ‘on my knees moment’. No medical professionals could quite explain it and I had to fight for my life after a diagnosis of biotixin illness. Damaged optic nerves left me with blurred vision & an inability to tolerate screens, reading or driving, random attacks of vertigo & dizziness would plague me & my body went through horrible herxing reactions that left me with severe anxiety & panic attacks, something I had never experienced before in my lifetime. I coudlnt walk more than 1 km and life was unravelling.


From the outside i looked completely fine. However, mycotoxins were attacking my immune & nervous system & I was often nauseas or simply exhausted & in pain.

Similar to Lyme disease, this type of chronic illness isn’t recognised by Dr’s in Australia.


After a quick realisation that allopathic medicine wasn’t the way for me (a horrible reaction to meds that I really shouldn’t have been given in the first place) I began healing, using almost entirely traditional and alternative methods by Myself, Naturopath, Integrated GP, Kinesiologist, Chiropractor and other healers. They were my saving grace. However, I was still only operating at 70%... something was missing.


I had always had a connection to the divine, esoteric and anything magical. I often experienced dreams that would manifest the following day or see things that I wasn’t sure I had seen. I had a longing for this connection that I couldn’t explain, almost a homesickness. One day after a flare-up of my symptoms had left me in such physical and emotional pain, I laid down to meditate. I had my first kundalini experience that evening. I didn’t realise it at the time but it set my life on a entirely new trajectory.


From here onward I began to have experiences that would leave me knowing, without any doubt that humans are indeed, filled with magic. We are a divine light of source/god/energy that we are all created from and most importantly have access to 100% of the time. It has the capacity to heal and guide us through our health and life, minimizing the speed bumps. It is our direct line to our soul path and deep intuition in our bodies.


Its moon work and womb work, periods and hormones, its sage and crystals, DNA and environmental medicine, its spells & ceremonies, physiology and biology.


Its what I call 'womens magic' and we ALL have access to it. Years of patriarchal conditioning has left us disconnected from our Body and Soul. My job is, put simply, to help you reconnect you back to the power of your mind, your relationship with food, your body, sex, pleasure & ancient wisdom.


To remind you that ‘Your Magic is Your Medicine’.


I so look forward to meeting you.


So Much Love,


Lexy xx

© 2019 Alexis Maturana

Wollongong, NSW